Welcome to the LearntoKitesurf.net blog!  We hope you will find this blog an informative guide to the ever growing sport that is kitesurfing or kiteboarding.

This site has been a few years in the making – the idea for this site originating after a late evening session back in 2008.  We have a ton of articles and features, and loads of information that we will be gathering, polishing, and presenting to you in the coming weeks as we prepare for the upcoming season.  One of my ‘New Years’ was to get this site off the ground, and into the wind for the 2011 season, so here we are!

Enjoy the site, look around and check back often.  We have a lot planned for the upcoming weeks!

In the meantime, check out this great e-book I recently discovered.  Getting started in kite surfing can be daunting – this e-book will get you off the beach and cruising the waves in no time!  We always recommend professional lessons – and this book serves as an excellent introduction to the sport of kitesurfing, the equipment, flying the kite and everything else you will need to know.  Read this e-book before your lessons with a professional instructor to ensure you get the most out of your expensive lessons.  Your understanding and retention of what you are learning will soar if you go to your lessons prepared and ready to learn.

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